Brazilian DEEP WAVE Known as Our "DIVA DEEP WAVE" HD 13x6  Frontal is Extremely Soft, Bouncy, Shiny, and Simply Gorgeous. Our 13x6 Frontal sure to capture plenty attention ,and receive lots of compliments as all Divas do! This wave is able to be worn straight, Curled, dyed or in its natural Deep Wave state. Either way you choose to wear your Frontal it will be full of life and scream Diva! Frontal Size is 13X6 which is a little larger than the normal size of 13X4 . This larger size allows for longer and wider parting space. which is the difference between the frontals. lengths ranging from(16" to 20")  and comes in its natural virgin state with no dye or chemicals added. Hollywood Hair is 100% virgin hair that has undergone strict quality control to make sure that we bring you top quality hair and nothing less. With proper care this hair can last you up to a year.