Brazilian straight known as Our "Starlet Straight" is Bone Straight,Silky,with lots of Body and no wave patteren for the girl who loves her hair "Starlet Straight" at all times.  This is for you weither worn long or short this hair will flow straight with lots of body that only a starlet could have. Starlet straight hair can be thermal Curled to perfection as well. This hair is versatile and can be Straight,Curled,or dyed and will still possess lots of body and bounce! Choose between lengths ranging from(16" to 34") each of our bundles is a full 4oz and comes in its natural virgin state with no dye or chemicals added. Hollywood Hair is 100% virgin hair that has undergone strict quality control to make sure that we bring you top quality hair and nothing less. With proper care this hair can last you up to a year.